Install Ubuntu 10.04 on Dell Latitude E6410

For work I got a new laptop, a Dell Latitude E6410 in which I will work on Win7 and Ubuntu 10.04 since we want to develop software for both this platforms. Since I had some problem in the beginning to install Ubuntu on the laptop I will report here what I have done following the instructions on katharsys blog, to which I will be extremely grateful forever 🙂

Install Ubuntu

  1. Reboot and launch the Ubuntu 10.04 install
  2. While the cd is loading and there’s a small graphic display at the bottom, hit F6 (any key may be okay here, but I didn’t try other ones!)
  3. Pick the language from the menu
  4. Use arrow keys to select the install option (second option) and hit F6 – choose “nomodeset” so that there’s an “X” in front and then hit ESC to return to main install menu then hit enter
  5. Follow the prompts until you get to the location to install Ubuntu, which is Step 4 and titled Prepare disk space. Select Specify partitions manually (advanced) and click Forward.
  6. On the partition table, you will see multiple zones of free space. We want to keep these, so at this point you will want to edit the partition set aside for Ubuntu, which is likely going to be /dev/sda4 if you followed these instructions exactly. Select this partition and click Edit partition.
  7. Resize the partition so that you have subtracted some space for the swap partition. I will be using a 4 GB swap partition, so I subtracted 4 from the remaining space. For Use as, select Ext3 journaling file system, click Format the partition and for Mount point select /. Click OK.
  8. You will be prompted with a window to write the previous changes to disk. Simply click Continue. The partition formatting and resizing will take place. Depending on the size of your drive and partitions, this could take some time.
  9. Finally, select largest chunk for free space (the space you just removed from the Linux partition in the previous two steps – in my case, around 4000 MB), and click New partition. For Use as, select swap area, ensure that the partition size is correct, then click OK.
  10. You can click Forward through the rest of the screens, filling out pertinent info, until you hit the last screen which is Step 7.
  11. On Step 7 (Ready to install), click Advanced. This is very important! Change the location of the boot loader installation to the partition you created for /. In our example, this is /dev/sda4. At this point, you can click OK, then Install and let the installation begin.
  12. Reboot as prompted and you’ll boot into Ubuntu. We’ll fix everything else in the next steps.
  13. If your E6410 has an NVidia discrete graphics card like mine does, you’ll need to do these extra steps:
    1. When grub comes up, hit the “e” key to edit the boot command.
    2. Using arrow keys, navigate to and delete “quiet” and “splash” and type the word “nomodeset” in their place. Press Ctrl-X to boot.
    3. After logged in, go to System -> Administration -> Hardware Drivers
    4. It will search for drivers and should find an NVidia driver to match click to activate and then when it tells you it’s ready to reboot, reboot. Select the Linux partition again and hit enter to boot automatically – the splash screen should work this time and you should see an improvement in the appearance to go along with the new graphics.

To be honest, I didn’t follow every step of this guide. The main difference of what I’ve really done is to ignore all the step about the swap space and after the installation I have added it manually following this instructions.


~ di memnone su novembre 13, 2010.

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  1. Congratulations for your new Ubuntu laptop, then!


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